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The doll voiced by Emma in a pink 27 cm says, the soft-wrecking, Munecas antonio juan, S.l., 12136. Funny Emma - the voiced doll of the Spanish brand Munekas Dolls Antonio Juan. If you press the tummy once, it will charmingly laugh, if you press twice, it will say “mother”, if you press three times - “dad”. The doll girl Emma is stylishly dressed, in the kit - a nipple with a branded brand logo. The body of the doll is soft -wounded, and the head, handles and legs made of hypoallergenic vinyl with velvety, like the skin of a baby, surface. The famous Spanish dolls are distinguished by a thorough study of details. Fight red hair of the dolls can be combed and hairstyle. The doll has shining gray eyes with long eyelashes. Surprisingly natural, lively expression and delicate blush on the cheeks. Buy an Emma soft -wrapped doll is to make a wonderful gift for a girl for a birthday and for the holiday. A wonderful doll, similar to a living girl, will give the child an important experience of care, love and responsibility. The doll is packed in a proprietary gift box with a lid. Characteristics: Age: 3+. Summary: doll, dress, vest, panties, socks, hair bow, nipple. Materials: vinyl, textiles, nylon. Doll size: 27 cm. Packaging: box. The size of the package: 10.5 x 22.5 x 35.5 cm. Manufacturer: Munecas Antonio Juan, S.L. Brand Country: Spain.


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