Interactive doll Fairytale patrol – Alenka, 32 cm, Magic, 15 songs and phrases



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Interactive doll Fairy-tale patrol-Alenka, 32 cm, Magik, 15 songs and phrases, Karapus, ST20-32-MAG-A-A-RU. Fans of the animated series Fairytale patrol this doll will give great pleasure. The girl will be pleased to make friends with her beloved heroine and spend time with her. Peculiarities: - This doll is intended for children over 3 years old. - It is made in the form of one of the main characters of the children's animated series Fairytale patrol. - The doll is made in the form of Alenka. This heroine commands fire. - The doll has fiery red hair. They are completely stitched on the head, so they do not crawl and do not fall out during the game. In addition, they can be braided in a variety of hairstyles, for this there is a comb in the set. - The doll is dressed in an orange magic suit corresponding to the screen. - The doll is made in full accordance with its screen hero. - The height of the doll is 32 cm. - The body of the doll is made of high -quality plastic, resistant to external exposure. The limbs are mobile. - The doll has a built -in sound module, which allows the doll to play 15 verses and songs. - On the back of the boxes, a game-labyrinth is depicted. - In the process of playing with a doll in your child, imagination and spatial thinking will actively work, in addition, such a pastime contributes to the development of the child’s mental abilities, hands motor skills, as well as fantasies. Characteristics: Age: from 3 years. Summary: interactive doll, comb. Power: 3 batteries of the LR44 type. The height of the dolls: 32 cm. Material: plastic, textiles. Packaging: a cardboard box of a blister type. The size of the package: 9 x 37 x 20 cm. Weight: 542 BRAND: KAOPUZ. The country is the owner of the brand: Russia.


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