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Interactive doll - crying baby Crybabies - Katie (IMC Toys, 95939) A charming puppet girl-little girl in a pretty suit of a striped cat with pink ears will certainly appeal to your daughter. I want to take care of her and entertain her so that she does not miss and cries. You can steal a doll with water from a bottle and soothe it with a nipple. Peculiarities: -A doll from the Crybabies series-a charming little girl in a kitten suit for interesting role-playing games in her mother’s daughter. - The newborn is dressed in a soft striped white-lilac suit with a hood and funny pink paws and cat ears. - The doll has a not proportional body with a large head, large expressive, detailed blue eyes, ajar mouth and chubby with a blush of a cheek. - The doll has a plastic body, pens, legs and head of mobile, allowing you to give dolls different poses. - The kit includes a nipple for a doll, thanks to which you can expand the game capabilities: if you take a nipple from the doll, it will begin to cry, sob and spill real tears. You can rest the baby, only again putting the nipple in the mouth of the peps. - In order for the doll to drip tears, it is necessary to first drink water from the bottle. - The doll will immediately conquer the sympathy of the child, the girl will be happy to take care of her puppet daughter and love her. Characteristics: Age: from 18 months. Set: doll, nipple, bottle. Compound: PVC, textiles. Toy size: 31 cm. Type of batteries: 2 x AAA / LR03 1.5V (included in the kit). The size of the package: 24 x 23.5 x 31 cm. Package: Cardboard box of a blister type. Brand: IMC TOYS. The country is the owner of the brand: Spain.


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