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Elsa doll in gray, 40 cm, Antonio Juan Munecas, 3389G Elsa doll is a cheerful smiling baby in an elegant gray suit, which instantly charms every girl with her charm. Elsa has pleasant to the touch, velvety “leather”, movable hands and legs, in the kit there is a favorite dummy of a baby. Peculiarities: - The doll was made in the form of a baby girl, the realism of the performance was achieved thanks to the aged proportions, in detail transmitted by the anatomical features and multilayer painting of the doll by the masters manually. - The body of the doll is softly wrapped, and pens, legs and head from high -quality, velvety and tender vinyl to the touch. - All folds on legs and handles are carefully worked out, even nails, drawn wreaths or redness on the skin of a newborn can be seen. - The sweet face of Elsa with puffy cheeks, expressive gray eyes, a neat nose, lips ajar in a smile. - The face is framed by short black hair that can be combed. - The doll has mobile parts of the body, pens, legs and head freely move, allowing you to take various poses in the process of an exciting role-playing game. - The baby looks very pretty in a suit represented by gray pants, a white-gray blouse and a hat, on the legs of a boot. The kit also includes the baby's favorite dummy. - The collection doll has a certificate of authenticity and is supplied in a beautifully designed proprietary box. Note: In order for the doll to always please the child, familiarize him with the rules of care: the dolls are harmful bright sun rays, it can be wiped from pollution with a damp cloth. - Please note that additional accessories for the doll are not part of the kit and are presented for the purpose of familiarization. Characteristics: Set: Doll. Age: from 3 years. Material: Vinyl, textiles, filler. Doll size: 40 cm. Package: Gift type cardboard box. Manufacturer: Antonio Juan Munecas. The country is the owner of the brand: Spain.


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