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The doll voiced by Varya 32 cm Fairytale patrol Surprise cosmetics accessories, peanuts, ST20-32-CAS-SK-V-V-RU. The interactive doll "Varya" from the "Casual" series TM "Karapuz" will be a great gift for small fans of the animated series "Fairytale Patrol": - 15 phrases and songs from the m/f: songs - “characters of fairy tales”, “city of Myshkin”, “Sveti Star”, “Believe in yourself” and phrases - “This story began a long time ago, long ago last week”, “ Interesting? Then it will be even more interesting ”,“ We ​​are a fabulous patrol and we guard this city ”,“ We ​​run to save the city more likely ”and others. - handbag and comb in the kit - A surprise inside Varya is dressed in a fashionable outfit, consisting of a burgundy jacket, dresses with a blue bottom and trousers in tone of a jacket. On her belt she has a border handbag on a satin tape. The image of the doll complements the stylish bandage on the head. Clothing and accessories are easy to take off and put on. Silky and shiny hair is collected in a beautiful hairstyle. The charming face of Vari with expressive eyes has been worked out in detail and will call the child the most reverent feelings. A game with an interactive doll TM “Karapuz” teaches a child to take care of others, be responsible and attentive, and also develops: - Imagination - memory - sound perception and musical hearing - Social and communicative skills Characteristics: Age: 3+. Growth of dolls: 32 cm. Weight: 567 The size of the package: 9 x 24 x 34 cm. Material: textiles, plastic. It works from 3 batteries of the LR44 type (included). Manufacturer: Karapuz. Brand Country: Russia.


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