Doll Cute Mell – Fashionista, changes the color of the hair in water, 26 cm.



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Doll Cute Mell - Fashionista, Changes the Color of Hair in Water, 26 cm, Kawaii, 512760 This doll is particularly popular in Japan, but it will be interesting to children in our country. The toy is made in the form of a charming baby, whose appearance resembles an anime character, and unusual opportunities distinguish it among other dolls. Peculiarities: - This doll is intended for children over 3 years old. - In the set you will find: the doll grip, comb, hair elastic band. - The doll is dressed in a beautiful white-pink dress, its skirt is decorated in a heart, and the top is decorated with the inscription Mell and the lace around the neck. The dress has short holes-wings and a blue bow on the belt, and on the legs of the dolls there are high socks of a delicate pink shade. - Included with a doll are delivered: comb and elastic band, allowing you to make an interesting hairstyle or just tie a ponytail doll. Mell has long straight blond hair, they are easily combed and braided. - The baby has fluffy cilia, chubby lips, ruddy cheeks and a small nose. She seemed to leave the television screen. - The doll is made of high -quality plastic, its arms and legs are mobile. - The height of the doll is 26 cm, so it is perfect for plot games and fun leisure. - The doll has an interesting feature - its hair changes color to pink when it gets into warm water. Tentatively, it should exceed 36 degrees. Hair will restore its color when dried or under cold water. The doll can be completely bathed, after which the remaining water should be removed through a special hole. - The quality of materials used in the manufacture of the toy fully complies with modern security standards. - Games with dolls allow the child to find out what care, attention and responsibility are. In addition, they allow you to develop motor skills, social skills and dream up. Characteristics: Age: from 3 years. Summary: doll grip, comb, gum for hair. Height dolls: 26 cm. Material: plastic, textiles. Package: Cardboard box of a blister type. The size of the package: 19 x 11 x 29 cm. Brand: Kawaii. The country is the owner of the brand: Japan. VIDEO


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