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Doll - Cruella de Wil, 25 cm, Madame Alexander, 64700. Fans of the famous Disney cartoon 101 Dalmatian, as well as his continuation, immediately recognize in this doll the main villain of the film - Kruella de Wil, also known as Stervella. A characteristic two-color coloring of hair and an easily recognizable costume of black and white color scheme make it what it is. Perhaps in your caring hands this heroine will be able to stand on a completely different path of life, which you prepare for her. Peculiarities: - This doll is intended for children over 14 years old. - In the kit with her, you will also find her passport. - This toy belongs to the Disney Showcase series, which includes other interesting dolls dressed in appropriate costumes. - The doll has a memorable, characteristic of a given screen character, appearance: blue eyes, ruddy cheeks, two -tone hair, beautifully decorated thanks to a stylish haircut. - The eyes of the dolls are glass and closing. - The face of each doll from Madame Alexander is carefully worked out and amazes with its details. - The doll costume consists of a long tight -fitting dress made of ankle made of flock, as well as a spectacular cloak with a high collar, the inside of which corresponds to the coloring of the zebra, and the outer - Dalmatians. - On the legs are dolls tall black boots, and on the hands - gloves of black and white. - The height of the doll is 25 cm, which makes it convenient to use. In addition, the arms and legs of the dolls are mobile. - The body of the doll is made of high -quality and pleasant to the touch vinyl. - In the process of playing with a doll in your child, imagination and spatial thinking will actively work, in addition, such a pastime contributes to the development of the child’s mental abilities, hands motor skills, as well as fantasies. Characteristics: Age: from 14 years. Equipment: Doll in a suit, passport. Height dolls: 25 cm. Material: Vinyl, textiles, glass. Package: gift box. The size of the package: 29 x 16 x 9 cm. Brand: Madame Alexander. The country is the owner of the brand: USA.


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