Cupcake Surprise. Cup-Keks with a comb, 12 species



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Cupcake Surprise. Cupcake with a comb, in the assortment of 12 types, Emway Singapore, 1089_cupcake All girls like to play with dolls. But how to give the child a doll by making a surprise from a gift? Give the girl a cupcake with a surprise, and she will find a doll in it herself. Peculiarities: - Having received a transparent box, the child will immediately see in her a beautiful and very appetizing treat. But what will be the surprise of the girl when a real princess in a beautiful outfit will get out of the “delicious” dessert. The glazed top of Kex will turn into a fashionable hat. - The Cupcake Surprise series is represented by 12 dolls, each of which has its own name, a unique outfit. - Each doll has long hair. They can be braided in various hairstyles using a comb that is attached in the kit. Collect all 12 cupcakes! Attention! Dolls are presented in the assortment. The price is for 1 unit of goods. Age category: from 3 years. Summary: doll-surprise, comb. Dimensions: - Kex height: 9 cm. - The height of the doll: 15 cm. Manufacturer: Emway Singapore Brand Country: Singapore


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