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Black horse with a comb, Gotz, 3402783 A soft toy - a horse from the company "GOTZ" will give girls the opportunity to come up with a lot of exciting plots for the game. The horse’s mane can be combed with a special brush in the kit, braid pigtails and decorated with hair clips. In the saddle of the horse you can plant a doll 45-50 centimeters high to ride it on horseback. Peculiarities: - The toy is made in the form of a pretty horse, thanks to which children will be able to expand the game capabilities of the game with dolls. - The toy is made of soft plush, which imitates the horse’s wool, it has a soft -wrapped body. - The horse has a black color, the lower part of the legs is white, and a chic mane and a lush tail is black. - The horse’s mane is decorated with a pigtail with a clock, the kit provides a comb that can be combed. - On the horse hesitated by harnessing with a fixed saddle with stirrup, you can put the doll in the saddle, putting her reins in her hands. - A horse can become a favorite pipe for a doll 50 cm high. - With a horse, children will be able to come up with many interesting plots for the game, developing imagination and imagination. - The toy and accessories are made of high -quality, safe for children of materials certified and responsible for European quality standards. Characteristics: Set: A horse with a saddle and a knot, a comb. Age: from 3 years. Compound: Artificial fur, filler, textiles, artificial leather, plastic, metal. Weight: 560 gr. The height of a suitable doll: 50 cm. The height of the toy to the saddle: 37 cm. Toy size: 50 x 47 x 20 cm. Packaging: label. Manufacturer: GOTZ. The country is the owner of the brand: Germany.


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