A set of clothes for dolls 26 cm Blue jacket cap of slider



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A set of clothing for dolls 26 cm Blue sweatshirt cap of slider, Munecas Antonio Juan, S.L., 91026-6. A set of clothing for dolls with a size of 26 cm from the organic material of the Spanish brand "Munekas Dolls Antonio Juan". Clothing is suitable for any dolls in size 20 - 30 cm, sewn from high -quality fabrics, it can be washed, ironed. Unprocessed seams are allowed. Clothing comes complete with a proprietary hanger. The collection of clothing "Munekas Dolls Antonio Juan" allows you to create many new images for your favorite dolls. The history of this “royal brand” has more than 60 years and is notable for the creation of Leonor dolls in 2007, the model of which served as infanta of Spain, which forever connected the name of the brand Munecas Dolls Antonio Juan with the Spanish royal family. The manufacturer has been awarded the International Ecological Production Certificate Zero Waste and uses natural materials in its production. Characteristics: Age: 3+. Included: a sweatshirt with a print in polka dots, white hat and a print with a print. Materials: Textiles. For dolls: 26 cm. Packaging: package. Packaging size: 20 x 24 x 1 cm. Manufacturer: Munecas Antonio Juan, S.L. Brand Country: Spain.


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